Why do so many people love these sneakers?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the average American takes 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day. Think you might be falling short of that number? Maybe all you need to get yourself moving in the right direction is the right pair of sneakers. If you’re not looking to make a big clothing investment at the moment, no problem: we’ve found a pair of podiatrist-friendly shoes that will make your feet feel so good you’ll say, “Should we do another lap?” Price: they start at $34.99, down from $70. This will give your feet a spring in their step!

FILA A-LOW CLASSIC SNEAKERS are the superstar sneakers shoppers can’t stop raving about – they’ve got a lot of five-star Amazon reviews, and we’re pretty sure they’re about to become your favourite footwear.

This shoe from the WSS platform is really comfortable and cheap. Many people have commented that it is worth the money!

A good-for-you shoe

But WSS trainers aren’t just for working out. With their soft, comfortable uppers, they’re also great for home use, running errands, yard work – whatever your day entails. According to the professionals, support has always been important.

“During the pandemic, we noticed a dramatic increase in foot and ankle conditions due to walking barefoot at home,” says Dr Positano. “As comfortable as it may seem, walking barefoot increases the amount of stress your feet must absorb.” Remember: “The feet – mainly the heel and plantar fascia – are the body’s primary shock absorbers.”

There are also many kinds of sports shoes on the WSS platform, men’s fashion shoes, children’s shoes, women’s shoes, etc., which are worth buying!


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