The Summer I Turned Pretty’ nostalgia has been nailed down – as evidenced by Amazon Prime Video’s latest promotion for the series – as actors sketch out Amazon’s arrow logo Like the cast of Disney Channel did with Mickey Mouse ears in the ad.

An Instagram post revealed that most of the cast of the new series, based on Jenny Han’s book trilogy, are eager to get the job done.

David Iacono, who plays Cam, the third lover after Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah Fisher (Gavin Casalegno) lamented: “I Very excited to do this now.”

A subsequent shot shows Lola Dong, Gavin Casalegno, David Icano, Summer Madison, Rain Spencer, Minnie Mills, Sean Kaufman and Chris Brinny all waved what looked like striped straws in arrow motions.

Once a staple of the Disney Channel, that changed after the company changed the logo slightly, there are still actors tracking the ears, but in a more simplified way.

Watch one of the Disney Channel commercials at the top of this article or here.

“It’s exciting,” Mills said after her segment. “A childhood dream.”

“I do the best of them all, right?” Icano asked.

With pop songs from Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Billy Eilish, and more, the first season of “Summer I Got Prettier” is now streaming on Prime Video.

The seven-episode series, written and executive produced by writer Jenny Han, has been greenlit for a second season ahead of its launch.

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