When Grace-Wiseman decided to make an appointment to get fake freckles tattooed on her face, her plan was to enhance her natural beauty. But, after £50, she came out feeling “ugly and upset”. Instead of a pretty new complexion, her face looked like a poorly drawn connection game.

Wiseman’s next task is to find a different — and trusted — tattoo artist to fix the failed job. Luckily, she found beauty tattoo artist Liana Jessica Yearwood, an expert on micropigmentation who over the years has been responsible for restoring many disastrous tattoos, including Wiseman’s.

“Grace’s case was the most shocking case I’ve ever seen, because the freckles were so dark and unnatural,” Yearwood said. She paid £50 to get freckles tattooed on her face as a ‘model’ by a newly qualified permanent make-up artist. When she looked in the mirror afterwards, she felt very remorseful, ugly and disappointed. She also felt cheated because she believed the artist would do a good job. “

Thankfully, Yearwood managed to virtually eliminate Wiseman’s false freckles after two remedial treatments using a non-laser tattoo removal technique, only one more time before it was completely eliminated.

“This technique is a great alternative to laser tattoo removal because it targets all color pigments, unlike most lasers that typically only target blues and blacks,” explains Yearwood. “It also has no risk of scarring the face and is much less painful than laser tattoo removal.”

Over the past three years, Yearwood has seen a surge in requests for freckled tattoos, which she says “can be done either with traditional tattooing methods or with semi-permanent makeup, which doesn’t last as long, but is softer.” .

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