For obvious reasons, most of us haven’t traveled in a year (or more), and the urge to get out and about is stronger than ever. Waking up and pushing open the doors of our custom camper with views of the Rocky Mountains or Yosemite’s great climbing wall seemed just what we needed after spending a year indoors.

Of course, it’s an incredibly romantic take on life in a van. Let’s be honest, most people prefer hot showers, regular toilets and sitting on the porch, it’s impossible to spend a fortune to upgrade a Sprinter or Econoline. But there’s a way to have an amazing van life without an amazing budget, because Omaze is giving away a van with all taxes and delivery included.

If you’re from the US, taxes and shipping are included, so you don’t have to go into debt for your new home on wheels.

You might be asking yourself, what do you need to do to win? First, according to Omaze, “no donations or payments are required to enter or win this sweepstakes.” $10 gets you 100 entries, $50 gets you 1000 entries, and $100 gets you 2000 entries.

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