It’s bad enough not to have the Queen at Royal Ascot this week. The first three days without Frankie de Tory were all the more disappointing, but the horse racing’s greatest performer bounced back in style as he and Inspiral galloped past their opponents, Won the day’s featured match – the coronation match with four half-length positions.

But, in a testament to the old saying in sports: “Form is temporary, hierarchy is permanent”, a signature flying dismount marked De Tori’s return. Retired in the press room on Thursday and had another five years of good results on Friday.

“That’s fine,” said the jockey. “You have to put it behind you. I was banging my head last night and I was still thinking about it for the first hour this morning, but I opened the Jockey and thought I had some good chances. , now is the time to focus.

“It’s been tough, I’ve had a tough week; ‘Lord of the North’ didn’t work out, ‘Stradivari’ didn’t go well, we (Saga) got knocked out in ‘Britannia’ and That pony [Running to the Moon] has great odds. It’s tough.

“We’ve had a rough week and everyone at Clarehaven is a little bit down, but that’s how the game is. It’s good for the team to have a horse on the field.”

In fact, when you’re on a horse as good as the Inspiral, all doors open before you knock. When De Tori came into the open, “Aspirin” came out of some high-level opponents, and the jockey was finally able to get rid of the monkey, which, John Goldsden admits, was not only on his back, but also on his back. on his neck.

“You can’t keep looking back,” Goldsden said. “You discuss it, you move on. Did this (a bad game) affect him? It’s affected him for 40 years!”. The danger is that you start overthinking the problem, which complicates things. You just have to keep going”.

“Perfect Power is the best two-year-old I’ve ridden in terms of speed, and it’s three years old and it’s still doing well. I hope it’s just his first group race of the season.”

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