Neon is alive and well in Dua Lipa’s wardrobe. Along with the bold cutout top and bubblegum-pink bra, the pop star pulled out her brightest miniskirt yet – in a hue that matches the brand’s The logo matches perfectly.

Dua hit the stage in France on Tuesday in a neon green miniskirt with keyholes, an off-the-shoulder neckline embellished with roses, and an ultra-short pleated wrap dress. The hem of the skirt barely reaches the mid-thigh, giving the singer plenty of room to move around while performing, revealing the onesie-style design underneath.

Lipa layered the vibrant look over a pair of tan fishnet bodysuits and brought the bright theme to her accessories, completing the outfit with a pair of pink and orange dad sneakers. For the show, she wore her black hair in loose waves and opted for a subtle no-makeup look.

Shortly after her festival debut, Dua met up with some famous friends for a bit of entertainment after the show – which she documented on Instagram, of course. On Wednesday, the pop star posted a series of pictures playing with songwriter Billy Walsh and rapper Post Malone. The first photo shows the singer sandwiched between two of her friends, others include a close-up snapshot of a silver grill and cowboy boots, Dua aptly wrote: “Cowboy boots and shiny teeth.”

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